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Inconsiderate parking in Fulford and Heslington

by admin on 31 July, 2018

Thank you to the local residents who have raised issues of inconsiderate parking with me. I continue to report these issues, which can include grass verge damage and blocked pavements, to the Council who have apologisedĀ  to residents that inconsiderate motorists are causing problems.

The Council has a Hotline telephone number which can be used to report illegally parked vehicles, it is 0800 138 1119. The caller listens to a short message after which they are thenĀ put through to an operator who takes vehicle information, which is then passed to a mobile Enforcement Officer.

The caller is not required to leave any personal details, just information about the vehicle/s. Further details are available on our website and I have included a link below:

I would strongly encourage local residents to make use of the hotline telephone number and provide the information.


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