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New Street Lighting For Eastward Avenue

by Keith Aspden on 30 September, 2010

New street lighting is to be installed on Eastward Avenue in Fulford as part of a scheme to make areas less likely to be targeted by criminals. £5,750 of funding for the new street lighting is being provided from the Target Hardening fund, which provides funding for physical improvements to areas to make them less […]

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New Cold Calling Zone in Fulford

by Keith Aspden on 26 August, 2010

I am pleased to announce that there is going to be a new Cold Calling Zone in Fulford. The zone will be launched on the 3rd September in Cherry Wood Crescent, as part of police action day.  Cold Calling Zones have two main aims. Firstly, they aim to prevent ‘doorstop crime’, particularly that associated with […]

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by Keith Aspden on 13 July, 2009

As promised in the latest edition of Focus I have added a page with more information on the suggestions made as part of the Sustainable Communities Act consultation. Click here to visit the page or select the link on the left.

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by Keith Aspden on 1 July, 2009

Following a request from residents a new cold calling controlled zone will be launched in Atcherley Close on July 10th. Cold calling controlled zones aim to prevent doorstep crime by defining an area in which cold callers are not welcome. Anyone breaching the cold calling controlled zone can be reported to the Police or Trading […]

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by Keith Aspden on 1 May, 2009

Fulford  residents are being asked to put their views forward on what they think would improve their local community at their Ward Committee next week. The Sustainable Communities Act allows Councils to request the transfer of powers from central government to local government, in order to implement schemes to promote and encourage a range of […]

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