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Fulford In Bloom

Residents in Fulford are celebrating after their entry into the Yorkshire In Bloom competition was praised by judges. Fulford in Bloom was judged as ‘Thriving’, the second highest category available in the competition.

Fulford’s entry into the competition was inspired by the 1066 Battle of Fulford with a red and yellow theme, following the colours of the swords used during the battle. As part of the bid 100 new trees were planted on Fordlands Road playing field and new planters were installed across the village. Funding for the bid was provided by the York Community Pride Foundation.

The bid has brought together groups including local businesses, the Cubs and Scouts and the residents of Fordlands Road nursing home, who have all joined in with floral contributions.

It is excellent news that the judges have awarded us ‘Thriving’ status, not only did the village look great, but the bid also brought together a wide range of people from the local community and I think that really impressed the judges.

To be put in the ‘Thriving’ category in our first year an impressive achievement and will hopefully inspire more local residents to join in with Fulford In Bloom so we can build on our success and have an even better entry next year.

Fulford in Bloom Jubilee Year

During 2012/13 the Fulford in Bloom Group decided to again enter the Royal Horticultural Society’s ‘It’s your Neighbourhood’ competition. This will allow the group to build on our achievements last year. as it is the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Year.

At the group’s annual meeting, local residents were pleased to receive the ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ Thriving certificate. The certificate will be placed in Fulford Social Hall. At the meeting it was agreed that this year there will be a red, white and blue theme to mark the Jubilee. A new planter and barrier baskets will also be placed in the local area.

On April  21 the planting of a Jubilee Oak took place, on the Queen’s 86th birthday. The Oak has been planted on the Fordlands Road playing field.

An oak whip from the Queen’s estates was donated to Fulford in Bloom earlier this year. It was decided that this Diamond Jubilee Oak would be planted on the Queen’s birthday. The whip was planted alongside a six foot oak sapling. Local resident and member of the Fulford in Bloom Group, Judi Legg, who celebrated her own 65th birthday on the Saturday, officially planted the oak trees.

The Chair of Fulford in Bloom, Councillor Keith Aspden, commented:

“It is fantastic to see the planting of this Jubilee Oak in Fulford. In this special Jubilee year and after the recent Royal visit to York, it was decided that the oak should be planted on the occasion of the Queen’s 86th birthday. Oak trees are famed for their vigour and longevity and are therefore a fitting tribute to a Queen celebrating sixty years on the throne.”

Fulford in Bloom 2013/2014

We are looking for volunteers to help plant snowdrops around the village. Our colour scheme for the 2013 entry will be yellow, white and blue.

We will be meeting at Fordlands Field, from 2.15 on Sunday 14 April 2013. We will be planting under the trees there but are also looking for more places in the village where they can go so please come along with ideas for locations!

Small working parties can then go off and plant. It should take less then an hour. It would be great to see you there.

Keep checking back for information on how to get involved with next year’s Fulford In Bloom entry.

Successful ‘Snowdrop Sunday’ in Fulford  
Group planting snowdrops - corner of Main Street

Group planting snowdrops – corner of Main Street

Fulford in Bloom held a successful ‘Snowdrop Sunday’ last month as volunteers planted almost 2,000 flowers across the village.  

The group has enjoyed considerable success since it was formed two years ago. In 2011, it was judged as ‘thriving’ in the ‘Yorkshire In Bloom’ competition while 2012 saw a busy year of activity with the group planting a Jubilee Oak to celebrate the Queen’s birthday and successfully competing in the Royal Horticultural Society’s ‘It’s your Neighbourhood’ competition. This year, the Group will have a yellow, white and blue colour scheme as it enters the ‘It’s your Neighbourhood’ contest once again.

The Chair of Fulford in Bloom, Councillor Keith Aspden, commented:

“Snowdrop Sunday was a great start to what should be a busy and successful year for Fulford in Bloom. It was fantastic to see so many different people getting involved in the planting and coming up with interesting locations for nearly 2,000 snowdrops. I would like to thank all those involved in organising and helping with the event.

“With the weather now finally improving after a long cold winter, we will be working hard to ensure that the village looks fantastic in the coming months and more and more local people and groups get involved.”

November 2013 – Fulford In Bloom Judged ‘Outstanding’

Keith would like to thank the committee and volunteers who work on Fulford in Bloom projects throughout the year.

In the latest round of judging, our local group was classed as outstanding in the ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ category.

The Fulford In Bloom committee has decided that this coming year’s theme will be predominantly yellow, to link with the arrival of Tour de France to York.

Keith planting snowdrops on Fordlands Field

Keith planting snowdrops on Fordlands Field


Fulford in Bloom Celebrates – Summer 2014

The Group has been busy preparing and creating vibrant Tour de France displays, with yellow themed planters in the village alongside recent bulb planting and 110 trees having recently been added to the playing fields.

Since its inception in 2011 Fulford in Bloom has been busy making the area shine with various displays. The scheme, which has seen great success already, has now been judged as ‘Outstanding’ in the ‘It’s your Neighbourhood’ Royal Horticultural Society competition.

Fulford has received glowing praise from the judges, along with all those involved in the project. Judges described Fulford as “thriving, with many worthy features that the community should be proud of.”

Councillor Keith Aspden, the Liberal Democrat councillor for Fulford who chairs Fulford in Bloom, commented:

“Since receiving our first grant funding in 2011, we have been delighted to see how far Fulford in Bloom has come. All of the planting and activities of Fulford in Bloom are paid for by community grants or donations. This success is completely due to the hard work of a small group of volunteers, as without them we would not be where we are now. The Outstanding result is something for the whole of Fulford to be proud of.”

“It was great to see our new themed planters out for the summer. We will see more activity with the long, sunny days giving us the perfect chance to work as a community, and to encourage more local people to get involved.”

The Fulford in Bloom group celebrates the outstanding result

The Fulford in Bloom group celebrates the outstanding result